Professors from Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand and all nations which comes under British Monarchy or U.S. Territory is preferred

My Favorite Scientists

                                    Sir. Robert Goddard                                          Sir. Issac Newton                                                  Michael Faraday

                   I need professors for guidance purpose. I want professors from Physics, Mathematics field etc. I'm student pursuing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. In a leisure time I like to discuss about Physics and Mathematics etc. Not only professors but also students those who pursuing aerospace engineering are also most well-come. Professors and students from Aerospace Engineering as well as from Physics and Mathematics please add me in orkut or in facebook. My Orkut name is Vinay Hudson (Venu Gopal) and in Facebook invite me on

                     My college's winter session examination will be held in the month of December and summer session examination will held in the month of May. I know professors from Western Countries are always busy with their subjects. I'm not a researcher nor a scientist I'm just a normal college student, like to interact with professors and graduate students belonging to Math, Physics and Engineering related to Mechanical, Aeronautical/Aerospace etc. In-fact I'm interested in Physics. I know there are many types of physics related to different branches like, Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics etc. I have e-books with me regarding Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering subjects, Applied Mathematics, Calculus Based Physics etc. but it is better to interact with highly qualified professors or students who is senior to me and studied in above various fields. 

                    I listened MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, U.S.)audio and video lectures but I need guidance about presently what I'm studying currently.

                     For contacting me visit "contact me" page(the last page of this website). It will be very grateful if any professors or students interact with me. I don't like freebies but I'm not financially stable right now to give you fees for the time you all going to give me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THANKING YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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