Most of the relatives asking me  to remove this page, because they telling me that "son must not write like this about father" but I am not going to remove this even if they wanted to kill me. Indians always taught me to hide the truth but I am not at all going to listen until this tyrant Vasant Nagarhalli die and go to hell!

In India everybody advising me to keep quiet even though this bastard attempted many times to kill my mother and kept harassing my mother side grand parents for the lust of money and still the cultural psycho blinded Indians never believe me if I say about my father's criminal activities. I am putting about him so that the whole world must able to see the hidden side of the so called "Indian culture". My Final Decision is "I will die but let truth prevail!"


Name - Vasant R Nagarhalli

Job - Working with Indian bank, Mulund West, Vasant Garden, Near IES School, Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

Religion - Hindu, Madhwa Brahmin

Activities - Cheating with banks from which loans has been borrowed, Helping his other friends to cheat banks, Religious harassment to wife, Harassing wife by using objectionable language towards her parents and relatives.

CAUTION - Be aware while dealing with this person.

              This man is the photo of my father harassing my mother right from my childhood. He still harassing my mother and when I object him he replies "I'm elder in this family and I can do anything." My father is defaulter of eight banks and when he is in bad times my mother gave her all gold to repay his personal loan. He always falsely blames my mother for any bad happening. He never paid my college fees and when I can't attend school he blames my mother that because of her I'm unable to study." The thing is here in India no one believes me as according to Indian culture people believe "husband is always right in wife's point of vies and father is right in children's point of view." This man means my father attempted to kill my mother many times and I defended her but he always fake the story and say others that me and my mother try to beat him. He also faked many complaints on banks from where he borrowed loan when bankers asked him to repay his pending loans. The reason of borrowing his loan is unknown. He borrowed heavy amount from many banks but not willing to pay back the loan. He again blaming my mother as a reason for not repaying the loan. Till now and still mother is helping my education as I'm working with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company here in Bombay. But this guy is still harassing my mother and creating problem for my work and education.

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