Message to Parents specially for Indian Parents

Dear Parents,

                   If your children having friendship with opposite sex please don't harass them. Having friendship with opposite sex means it doesn't mean that they having an affair or something bad relationship. It is unfair to doubt on your children. Friendship with opposite sex is not at all taboo. People have the boneless tongue. Many people say many things and it doesn't mean that you doubt on your children and start harassing them. Have faith on your children. Don't listen others. Most of the Indian parents listen outsiders and start harassing their children. Understand the feelings of your children instead of considering the words of outsiders.

Misconception of the word "love"

There are some words which some people take negatively. When something is taken negative it hurts someone. Well the most people take negative of the word is "love". The word "love" has many meanings you all may be knowing. For example we say,

1) I love my country

2) I love my school/college

3) I love my parents

4) I love my brother/sister etc.

From the above sentences what you have discovered? Is there any negative meaning for them. Remember one thing "love" only not stands for sexual likings. It is the word to express in English language. When somebody taken you as sister or brother you may say "I love you lot sister" or "I love you lot brother". When somebody see or listens most of the people take it negatively and they never thinks what is the real. If you see or listen "I love you lot brother" don't misunderstand. Here the person expressing his feelings to whom he/she loves.

Now I say

I love my mother

I love my brother

I love my sisters

Now what you all of will think? Well you may not take negatively if I say this to biological mother,brother or sister. If I consider a girl(non-biological sister) as my sister then also I say "I love u lot sister". For this what you will think? If you read this page properly comment it on my email

Think positive. Its my humble request for those who take negatively for the word "love"

The maximum people misunderstands the word "love" mostly in India as I experienced!

I faced one similar misunderstanding situation in the year 2010 which is unforgettable for me. A kind of misunderstanding which left a permanent non-erasable mark on my heart. I'm not complaining about the misunderstanding person but I just wanted to say here that misunderstanding hurts a lot. I'm going to share here shortly.

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