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This is happening right in front of my eyes

           My mother is ailing by knee pains and my father says "No to take medicine, Just pray God and remember our religious head, everything will be cured." But he takes all kinds of health medicines like noni, herbalife, and now taking some medicines named dhanvantri etc. Similarly, my father's sister who also advices others not to take medicine she killed her ailing husband by restricting her husband to take medicine. And at last moment she admitted her husband but it was too late. Like his sister my father also trying to kill my mother.
           My father having the self recorded CD's about personality development which he sells out in market. People listen CD's and applaud him but they don't know the other side of this person. On other side he's creating havoc in home. He abuse my mother and even attempted to kill her twice in front of my eyes. When I interfere and say that "this is not good" he replay "what elders do is always right and religion say not to point wrong to elders." It seems abusing my mother's side grand parents and abusing my mother is right as per his knowledge. I learned that some people in India here abuses others in name of religion and some abuses others in the name of law. In home I see it is abused in the name of religion and outside I see some abuses in the name of law. My father's younger sister who resides near to us totally involved and targeting my mother since my child hood. My father use to listen his younger sister and harass my mother.I feel very strange when people talk about God, Religion, Religious teacher, follower of Religious teacher etc. and do these things like filling the head with wrong information of one family member  and creating a fracture between family members. If I say the actual face about my father in our religion center no one is going to believe. This is because they perform religious activities in front of people and its hard to believe the real fact. India is a country where genuine evidence is destroyed and fake evidence is taken in action. In Indian government bribe is taken as money and in Madhwa Brahmins bribe is given to God by offering Parayana (Chanting the verses of sanskrit) to please God to hide their wrong doings. So India is totally bribed by government and in religion (Some Madhwa Bramhins from Uttarati Matha). Indians have only thing in their heads i.e. What elders complain about their children that is right even they tell lie and when we say what we seen in real about elders that is wrong. The thing which I mentioned about Madhwa Brahmins who belongs Uttaradi Matha. It looks very funny when people talk about God and Religion with domestic criminal mind hidden inside them. Some Indian people are very famous in KandigiriKandigiri means generating a quarrel between friends, family etc. by other person. For example me and my best friend always be together for almost every thing like going college, having lunch / dinner etc. There may be 1000's people who are willing to break this kind of relations. Some Indian people enjoy seeing by seeing the fight between dear ones. Forget about others who are outsiders. I've been seeing this Kandigiri in my home itself, where my father's sister generating a fracture between us. Still yet my mother is taking care of my father. My mother even gave her 
jewelery to pay my father's loan and after that he say "Go out of Home." My father till yet listen to his younger sister who residing near us. Its very strange that what my mother do is always false according to him. Till yet religious head won't agree with me if I say about my father to him. It seems Madhwa Philosophy of Uttaradi Matha having the rule that "What younger complains about elders is false." Religious head respect this kind of people if they visit the temple. I learnt Madhwa Philosophy of Uttaradi Matha also have no place for truth. It seems very funny the behavior of religious head. I'm sorry to say but I'm saying as far as my experience is concerned. The thing happening is followers of Uttaradi Matha themselves spoiling the name of Uttaradi Matha. Because, even they listen discourses they listen outsiders and kick their wives, trying to kill the wife, abusing wife and her parents in Bombay bad words style (Madarchod, Behenchod) and in kannada language
1) Randi magane(Widow's son)
2) Boli magane(Illegal born)
3) Bhosdi magane(Prostitute's son)
4) Randige hutti da sooli magane(Bastard born)
5) Ninn hena yetli(Let your dead body be lifted)
6) Ninn hena yettli ke entu(8) mandi beku(Let 8 people lift your dead body)
7) Baaro benki hach baaro(Come and fire-up between our family)
8) Ninn magalu ninage huttiyalo illo?(Is your daughter born to you?)
9) Ninn hendti bay re davaru jodi malkondidlo?(Did your wife slept with another person?)
And many of them. He abused my grandfather like this in as much as possible kannada bad words. He even used the above bad words for the brother of our religious head. On top of that my father teaches me "We must respect elders." Isn't my grand father & religion head's brother are not elder for him?
He never thinks on his own. He always believes what others say. My father can't digest when my mother, younger brother and myself talk each other. For these kind of people religious head has no answers. Instead religious head supports them with great honor when they visit temple.

             My father who is not funding my college fees have lots of money to give to his younger sister or use money starting in new business. My mother ailing with knee problem and he say "I don't have money." If I ask question like "Why you put money in business?" He replay with irrelevant answers like "Go and touch the feet of our religious head" or he end up saying angrily "Yes, I don't have money for you and mother." He also borrowed a loan from bank for his business. His business went into loss due to his attitude. He still have enough income to pay back the bank loan. When people started approaching him to return the loan amount, he faked that "My wife is mental and so he facing the problem." And in another bank he said "My wife is dead." He is such a beast kind of person that to save himself he fakes whatever he like. He always abuse my mother's side grand parents and he replay me "I'm a earning member and I'm elder than every one in this home, so I can abuse or kill anybody and you don't have right to object me." When I say abusing elderly grand parents is wrong then he replay "Who are you to decide that I'm abusing elders? You don't have right to say me." He not even looked me nor to my mother when we fell ill for many days. And still religious head say son must respect father. What is this hell? It seems Madhwa Philosophy of Uttaradi Matha want to become blind for truth and just follow the rituals. Fuck-off this religion which don't have the place for truth. My father is trying to kill my mother. He attempted twice to kill her. I feel Indian culture may restricts some Indians to believe this but this is true. Uttaradi Matha followers jump and say "we are the toppest in all madhwa mathas." If yes then why their 99% of Uttaradi Matha followers are cheap? On top of that my father use to steal my clients data which is meant for my insurance purpose and he use my data for his business. When I ask him "Why you did so?" He replay me "I'm head of this house and I do as I wish." He also use to hack my account and steal money which I earned from Insurance Company. Indian Culture is all about to hide injustice of father. If we say this real situation to anybody people point at me just because I'm younger in age. It is evident that in Indian Culture justice is based on age and not on real facts.
           I has been taught that Madhwa Brahmin's religion is meant for love and affection. But where the hell love and affection comes here? It seems the meaning of love and affection means dominating wife and children and abuse them as wished.

Now tell me how to respect these people?

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